What is Hay Hay? 

Hay Hay is a contemporary design company that creates stunning works of art inspired by local life and experiences. Combining western design concepts with the talent and creativity of local artists, Hay Hay transforms homes & businesses with its unique range of products.


Mission Statement:

To provide customers with beautiful, affordable art in a sustainable fashion and to help make Vietnam a more creative & artistically supportive place. 

Vision Statement: 

To create a wonderful lifestyle. 

From our team members and local contractors to retail & commercial customers,  we aim to facilitate wonderful lifestyles through good business ethics, fair trade practices and high quality products.


...How it All Began

Hay Hay was born out of friendship, a mutual love for art & design and the beautiful country of Vietnam. Launched in December 2013, owners Meg and Shann combined their creativity and ideas with the talents of local artist Ha Duong to create their first shopfront in Hoi An's iconic "ancient town."

The concept was simple: discover, support and market local, unsung artists in a number of different mediums and products, providing them a sustainable income while displaying their works to the world. 


With incredible reception from both domestic and international audiences, the Hay Hay idea of keeping production, inspiration and business all local has spread throughout the country. 

What started as a single store in Hoi An has expanded rapidly to locations throughout the country. In addition to retail outlets, Hay Hay also spreads its creativity on a wider scale by outfitting hotels, businesses & homes with custom-made designs & artwork. 

Hay Hay Hoi An